Chimney repairs are what we do!

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If you are reading this, then most probably there are chimney repairs or brickwork that requires attention on your property. Improvements, such as having brick walls and chimneys repointed, will transform the look of a property. Get in touch today to find out how much brickwork repairs and chimney repairs cost!


  • Raking Out & Repointing Brickwork
  • Removing & Replacing Damaged Bricks
  • Flaunching & Capping Chimneys
  • Removing / Replacing Pots & Cowls
  • All Chimney Repair Work Guaranteed
  • Brick Wall Repointing and Repairs Guaranteed

A common problem when carrying out a chimney repair is all to do with the existing mortar between brick joints. The mortar becomes loose, cracked and porous, exposing the brick joints to water penetration. Porous mortar sucks up water like a sponge and will penetrate through to internal walls causing even more damage. The internal walls and plastering will end up having damp patches and possibly nasty smells from the growth of mould.

Debris of all sorts can be found in chimney pots, birds nests are very common. Of course, it's dangerous if there is any kind of blockage in the chimney, poisonous gases could fill the property. If you have noticed that your chimney pots or cowls are blocked, call today or book an appointment here.

A major chimney repair whereby the brickwork has developed cracks or a large number of blown bricks!
It is important to have these types of problems seen to as soon as you can. A chimney in this state can become unstable over time and sometimes they can even collapse. A lot of money could be saved by simply cutting out and replacing damaged brickwork.


Act now before your chimney reaches the point where it may collapse!

If any kind of problem does arise with your chimney, call us today. We will arrange to call round at a time that is convenient for you and inspect the chimney. Then we will explain the type of repairs that are required and give you a free, no obligation estimate.

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Gutter Repairs

The majority of gutter repairs are small jobs that can be fixed the same day as we give you a free inspection and estimate.

Replacement Gutters

When gutters are beyond repair, looking like they will have to be replaced, then we can give you a cost effective & competitive estimate!

Chimney Repairs

Probably the most common problems with chimney stacks are porous mortar joints, brickwork instability, water penetration and even disintegration.

The Regions We Cover

We will travel to and from jobs within a thirty-mile radius of Colchester, Chelmsford and Ipswich, in fact everywhere in Essex and Suffolk.